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Hup Cheong Website

Hup Cheong Pte Ltd

We created a website to promote their roasted food and increase awareness for their brand through use of online marketing services like Google Ads marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Our marketing campaigns led to an increase in awareness of their brand among the younger and more IT savvy generation which resulted in an increase demand for their roasted food for traditional Chinese weddings and also see an increase in sales during the Chinese 7th month festival.

Gin He Pte Ltd

GinHe is a local trading company that mainly trades in office stationary and pantry items. We assisted them in developing their e-commerce website, allowing their customers to place their orders online. This takes away the need for writing down orders on paper (reduce manpower) which greatly eliminates order errors due to poor handwriting and unclear communication over the phone.

This not only help GinHe to increase the productivity of their staff but also brought convenience to their customers, and also streamline their business processes. GinHe also acquired new customers online through our online marketing campaigns (Google Ads and social media marketing).

GinHe Website
JiaMi Website

Jia Mi Pte Ltd

Jia Mi is a local company that owns a chain of minced meat noodle stalls. We helped Jia Mi to create their online presence by building a website to showcase their food menu. We utilise social media and Google Ads marketing to create brand awareness for Jia Mi.

Fong Fu Pte Ltd

FongFu is a local catering company. We upgraded their e-commerce website, including their payment system and online ordering menu, making it easier for customers to place and process their orders quickly. We also provided our online marketing service through Google Ads marketing and Search Engine Optimization to create brand awareness and increase sales in this competitive industry.

Fongfu Website
Chotto Matte Food Menu

Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte is a local Japanese restaurant that serves fusion Japanese food. We revamped the design of Chotto Matte restaurant menu and provide other graphic design services for the restaurant.

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